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Category: Mermaid-Liveaboard


KaweRaja Ampat, which translates to The Four Kings in English, is made up four main islands. According to myth, these islands are where four kings ruled after hatching from the eggs of a megapode bird. It is these four islands; Waigeo, Salawate, Batanta, and Misool that make up the worlds largest repository of tropical marine life.

Surrounding these islands of kings you’ll find hundreds of smaller clusters or islands which are further broken down into their own regions. Continue reading Kawe

Incredible Way To Start 2017

Raja AmpatRaja Ampat a majestic underwater world where every marine life comes together.The morning lights shining over stunning soft corals, Sea fans moving back and forth with the surge, Out in the blue drifting into big swarms of fish being hunted by large fish.

The bliss of Oceanic Manta rays  flying over our heads and sharks that peacefully traveled by us. Such a diversity coming from the largest to the smallest of the critters.  Continue reading Incredible Way To Start 2017

The Right Light

The Right LightLight is an important thing as we immerse ourselves in the underwater world. As divers we all know that the deeper we go, the less light we have and the less light we have the less color we see.

Even in Raja Ampat, well known for it’s magical coral gardens which beam with an array of the most colorful corals can appear a bit dull on a cloudy day. Not recently however. Continue reading The Right Light

Omura’s Whale

Omura’s WhaleYou never know what you’re going to see in Raja Ampat, either on the surface or below. I’m entering my fourth year year now and still astounded at what I encounter.

Certain things are commonplace like schooling fish, mantas, wobbegong sharks, the world’ smallest and cutest seashorses, and of course the most breathtaking underwater scenery.

That’s your base as far as expectations and encounters should be concerned and as you can see it’s a pretty solid base. Continue reading Omura’s Whale