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The best snorkeling sites in Bali

snorkeling Snorkeling is something everybody young and old can do and enjoy. As a family activity, it’s outstanding! All you need are fins, a snorkel and a mask allowing even the beginner a glimpse at the amazing undersea world.

At All 4 Diving Indonesia, we can organize snorkeling trips to the best places around the island of Bali-Padang Bai, Tulamben Wreck, Nusa Lembongan and surrounding Gili Trawangan Island or even the amazing Komodo National Park!

The tropical waters of Bali, are ideal for snorkeling – crystal clear, calm, and rich with amazing marine life. Snorkeling can be done year-round.

Snorkelers don’t need to wear any wetsuits as the water temperature is always between 26-29°C! Of course, It is highly recommended to wear a T-shirt or a rash guard to prevent sunburn.

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